Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Double Bucks down & Leigh's 1st buck with her Mathews Passion!!

After getting skunked in Illinois (almost literally as I saw the same two skunks 2 nights in a row), Travis, Gray, and I traveled to Texas with our spirits a tad bit low.  However, we quickly perked up when we arrived in Hamilton, TX to pick up cameraman Brady M. and Jeff Ensor of NonStop Hunting. Jeff graciously scheduled a hunt with Keelan Johnson and Brentt Raybion of Mainframe Outfitters (  at Burnes Ranch in Eden, TX.  As soon as we arrived, I knew these guides and Ranch were special.....and it only got better!
Okay, to the punchlines.... on Thursday afternoon about 5:45pm, a 10 pt management buck came in range and I stuck him!!  He ran about 30 yards and dropped.  For those who can remember the absolute estatic feeling of a downing your first buck with your bow...well,MULTIPLY the feeling BY 1000 because that is how I felt!  For one of the few times in my life, I was at an absolute loss of words... so much so, I teared up.  I think I shocked Keelan and Jeff - who were guiding and filming for me .  .  I'm sure it's not everyday either of them witness a hunter cry for joy over her/his first buck. Yeah, I'm a big 'ole girl at heart  
I hate to keep going with my story when I don't have pictures to post, but I've got to point out the most astounding memory to me is the darn fact the 10 pt, 215lb. buck (scoring 135) MY FIRST BUCK (in case you forgot  ) was one of the many, many deer I saw!!  It's crazy!  The guys do an awesome job and I'll post pics of some of the MONSTERS on Burnes Ranch soon.  While I was there, I kept thinking and saying.... EVERYTHING is BIGGER and BETTER IN Texas.
The food was incredible (some of the best, ever), the company even better and the sunsets breathtaking!!!  If I wasn't before now- I'm officially spoiled! Travis can "thank" Jeff Ensor and  Mainframe Outfitters for the dreams I'm having of "Mammer Jammer" (a beast we saw and Travis "named") and all of the other gi-normous monster bucks we witnessed.  I think Gray is even more spoiled there as his "Texas Nanny" (a local Brady,Tx native), Monica, kept Gray while his mom and dad downed a couple of bucks.  Oh yeah...forgot to write Travis got a great 8 point, too!  Of course, it's not his 1st buck with his DXT so it's not nearly as exciting, right?  [T - you know I love ya!] We also had the pleasure of meeting everyone's precious families!
I was going to post this later...but I'm too excited to hold it in any longer.  I did get something he never has......A BLACK BUCK Antelope!!  Can you believe?!?!  They are gorgeous animals and can fly like the wind!! Good gosh, they can run.
Okay, I will save the Black Buck story for next time as we are in Canton, Tx watching football games and are headed out at 6am back to B'ham!  Hope our doggies still remember us   I've really missed them and I think Gray has, too.  His first word, "Dog" is repeated throughout the days!  He even called Craig Morgan's buck - "dog".  We had a pleasure hanging out with him in Illinois and I'll post those pics and video later, too. 
Gotta go before I get on another "rant".  I've just had some of the best few days, EVER and Gray was here to enjoy it with us....How blessed can a girl get? 

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