Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Hope 3rd time is a IL

We are back in IL....Campbell's Outdoor Whitetail Challenge doesn't start until Monday, but we are determined to fill all 6 tags in the next let's get it started!  Weather is very cool (32F this morning) and lots of activity.  Unfortunately, Gray has a terrible ear infection and has been running high fever for the last couple of days.... so I stayed behind this morning and Travis is out with Jarod Jackson (see previous post :)  written too many times about his credentials) Hope he gets the big one (ok, 2nd big one....I've got my eye on Mr. Big)!  Not sure which one of us is hunting in Carmi at Campbell's. More than likely it will be me with either Brady or Tyler filming.  Travis will probably be at our farm in Saline County.

Guess What?  WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, not me but close enough - Gray, Grayton and our dogs' Godparents Brooke&Brad Jordan..and Mackenzie!  I'm so excited for them!! Gray is going to have 2 Jordan girls to chose between. Maybe the baby sister won't use his head as a drum :)! I can't begin to explain how special the Jordan's are.  We Love You!!

Prayer Request: Please pray Gray's infection will heal very soon.  For those who know him - he hasn't smiled in 24 hrs.  (not like him at alll!) BUT, he has said, "Dog!" a couple of times. 

Safe travels to our Campbell friends!  Hope to have a buck down report soon!



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