Saturday, February 24th, 2018

No Report from the Field...full moon & 80+ degrees

No bucks down in Illinois this trip.....  Travis had a 150 10pt underneath his stand, but there wasn't enough camera light.. Darn!  I watched 6 bucks fight less than 20 yards away from me!!! It was so cool to see but no shooters in the group.
We're at our other passion - our careers - for now and headed back to IL at the end of the week and Gray is going with us...but not the dogs.  Any dogsitting volunteers?  Not sure which one of us is hunting the farm we part own in Saline County, IL and who will be with our friends at Campbell's in Carmi, IL...but hopefully, we won't be spooked on Halloween!! Weather is suppose to be cooler and no full moon (thank goodness!).  I'll keep you up to date.  In the meantime, here's the promo for Campbell's Outdoor Challenge.  See the guys and gals who, over the last year, have become some of our great and lifelong friends!
Have a Great One -

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